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Photo of Amanda Grace Guilfoyle, wearing a blue top and orange sweater. She is leaning against a tree and smiling.


Amanda Grace Guilfoyle, a luminary in both the realms of performance and education, stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of music. With over 15 years of dedicated teaching experience, Mandy's journey from the prestigious halls of Southern Methodist University, where she earned her B.A. in Music studying under the tutelage of cello soloist Andres Diaz, to her M.M. in Music Education, has been adorned with accolades and a relentless pursuit of musical mastery.

Renowned for enthralling global audiences with her enchanting cello performances in venues spanning continents, including prestigious appearances aboard the Queen Mary 2 and as a standout cellist in acclaimed ensembles like the Fort Smith Symphony, Blue Ridge Orchestra, and Dallas Pops Orchestra, Mandy seamlessly transitioned her passion for performance into the realm of education.

Currently serving as an Orchestra Director in the Cypress-Fairbanks ISD in Houston, Texas, Amanda is revered for her innovative, performance-driven approach to music education. Her pedagogical methods intricately weave her extensive performance background with a profound understanding of music business, enriching the educational landscape for aspiring musicians.

Acknowledged as a visionary in the field, Mandy actively supports fellow educators by providing invaluable resources and services, elevating teaching standards and fostering the talents of future musicians. Her role as a mentor and influencer is pivotal in advancing discussions on integrating music business concepts into music education. With an Executive MBA in Strategic Leadership from the Valar Institute, Amanda continues to fuse her performance finesse with visionary leadership, setting new benchmarks in music education.

Based in Houston, Amanda remains resolute in her dedication to nurturing the next generation of musicians while advocating for a performance-centric, business-informed approach to music education. Her enduring journey continues to shape the landscape of music education, inspiring students and educators alike with her unique blend of artistic mastery, educational leadership, and a rich, diverse background in both performance and pedagogy.

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